Framing & Cabinets

Framing and cabinetry work that reflects top-notch craftsmanship

Framing & Cabinets

Who doesn't need more space? It seems that you're always running out of places to put things or you just need more space to fit an expanding family. Whatever your needs are, Silva Contractors can help. Additionally, if your expanding and want to update your kitchen at the same time, Silva Contractors can build custom cabinets and countertops to suit your needs. When updating your kitchen cabinets, we can also expand your storage space, so not only will your kitchen look beautiful but you'll also lose the extra clutter you may have. So, if you've already made the best use of what you already have, it might be time to dig down, go up or build out!

Recent Furnace Project

Do you have space? You may by restricted by land-use codes or just don’t want to give up any more of your backyard or you don't want to change the shape of your front, so building out may not be the right decision for you. That said if you do have room to spare and the addition can be designed around your backyard space, your addition can actually capitalize on a smaller backyard area.

A lot of times it makes sense to update your interior when expanding, so your house feels "like new" again. We can save you additional money on your investment by completing new cabinets and countertops in your kitchen during your expansion process. For cabinet design examples, see our projects section.